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Mission 3:
November 7, 2022


After our second trip we knew there was so much more needed.  We wanted to make a more significant impact so Aiden spent the summer months raising funds through his shows at the Stanley Hotel.

By summers end, the theaters profits and the generous donations made by guests of Aiden's theater amounted to nearly $175,00.00.

We used these funds to pursuer supplies for e coming harsh winter n Ukraine.

As winter approached we knew that there would be great need for cold weather gear and sleeping bags.


The relationships we had developed over our previous trips allowed us to increase our number of contacts in the country and we began supporting the specific need of units serving in the most hazardous regions of the war.

These units began letting us know the things they needed to be more effective and the range of supplies we were able to provide expanded.

In addition to medical supplies we were able to procure hearing protection and much needed power banks.


With the support of our partner NGO in Poland, we were able to take 22 bags and 2,200lbs of supplies to units fighting on the front.


Donations of protective gear from the Estes Park Police Department provide ballistic helmets and more body armor to the front lines.


These supplies were delivered to units serving both in the battle of Bakhmut and units operating in the south of Ukraine in Kherson.

During this trip to Ukraine, Russia began targeting the electrical grid and power failures became common in the country.  One of these occurred as we shopped for groceries.  The checkout agent just put on a headlamp.  Life in Ukraine,







Thanks to a very generous donation by Mr. Bob Rhue while we were in Ukraine, we were able to purchase generators to provide these units with effective power for when the outages came.

Upon our return from this trip, we immediately began planning the next.

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